Posted by: ZacharyThomas | June 21, 2008

Money problems…oh how they can bring us to our knees

So its 12:40AM on June the 21st, 2008, and after having not worked at all for 3 weeks my job has finally given me some hours…funny thing how God works in situations, more on that later.

Where do I start with this one? Lets see about a month ago, I’m not even sure b/c its not that big a deal, but anyways I drove to work to put my requested schedule in for the next week, its a pretty decent haul, about 18 miles or so one way, which is a big deal when gas is $4 something a gallon and the car I’m driving is rated at 20 mpg highway. I asked for Saturday and Friday night off, which i didn’t think would be a big deal, apparently it is? B/c the next week I didn’t get any hours, I decided I wasn’t going to let that phase me. The next week I did the same thing, driving 36 miles out of my way to request hours at work, again I got none. At this point I was very frustrated, and slightly mad. Me being a naive teenager didn’t have any money saved up, and I had just been in a car accident, so I have a vehicle that needs about $800 worth of work to be legally drivable again.

Me being stupidly prideful, and arrogant to some degree decided that not only was I not going to drive to work and request hours again, but I wasn’t going to call and ask why I wasn’t getting any hours…in my mind “They don’t deserve for me to call and ask why I’m not getting hours, I’m too good for that”. To add to that I started putting in job applications at various other places that were hiring. Not only did I not get hours again, but I didn’t get a single phone call back from any of the places that I applied to work. All through this I’m asking and thinking, “God, what are you trying to teach me through this, why are you having me go through this, where is Your hand in this?”

So another week passes, my anger and frustration grows, and I consider quitting. At the start of the third week of getting hours I start to just not care, and then God starts to work on me, funny how when we take our guard down, and say “There is nothing more I can do, I’m not going to stress over it” that God shows up and starts to work on us. Through spending time in prayer, and just God working on me, my anger and frustration just disappear. I get ok with them not giving me hours, and say “It is what it is, not a whole lot I can do about it”. So I’m ok with them not giving me hours, and I’ve come to realize that I’m not quite as valuable to my employer as I previously thought. God has taken care of my frustration, anger, and arrogance…now for the big one, Pride. So I decide it can’t hurt to call and find out whats up, so I humble myself and make the call. Low and behold, the owner (who I have a good business relationship with) answers the phone, and I tell him whats up and it all gets worked out. Not only that but I applied to this little local coffee shop that I had been eyeing for a week or so, and two days later the guy in charge calls to set-up an interview.

From my point of view God was really doing 2 things through it. He wanted to give me a wake-up call, to say “Hey, Zach One day you are going to have a wife and kids that are going to rely on you to provide for them. You need to revaluate how you handle your money now while you can afford to make mistakes, and don’t have anyone to provide for.” He also wanted to work on the issue of pride, to really humble me, and get me to realize that I need to mot put myself first, and that I’m not quite as important as I might think. He still wants me to give my money freely and as He leads me, to not let it become a vice. He also wants me to save up money for times when I may need it. To store up the grain in the silo for when famine comes per se.

So, it wasn’t so much that my job was the problem, and they weren’t the reason I wasn’t getting any hours. It was that I thought myself way too valuable, and my pride had gotten a few notches too high…so God decided it would be a good time, to humble me and just refine me some more. Interesting how the Bible says that God will resist the proud, and give grace to the humble. When I got all caught up in my pride, things were extremely difficult, and frustrating. Once I humbled myself things seemed to just flow along as smoothly as can be. All the credit goes to God for this.


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