Posted by: ZacharyThomas | January 27, 2009

How valuable is your purity?

McDonald’s is bad for me, its bad for you, its not healthy for anyone. Tonight as I was driving home from Fuel Group I was having this really strong craving for McDonald’s, even though I know that it is horrible for my body and having coupons in the back of my car for that place didn’t help in the least. I wanted a Big Mac, a double cheeseburger, some fries, anything. Only thing was that It would cost me money to buy that food, money that I wasn’t willing to give up for some food that would taste so good but be gone in a few minutes and wouldn’t fill me up.

Sin seems to be the same way. I know its bad for me and ruins relationships and isn’t positive in anyway for anyone, yet still I find myself wanting to indulge in the things of the world, being tempted to give in to something that its bad for me. Sin can seem so appetizing, it offers you a good feeling, a momentary high that fades away. That momentary high can feel so good, but what do you have afterwards? If my purity is of no value to me, then giving in to temptation will be of no concern to me. However if my purity is of high value to me, I’m not going to just go out on a whim and sin and “spend” my purity per se.

….sorry for the scatterbrainedness, its late and i’ve got alot going on. Hopefully I got my point across.



  1. That’s an interesting insight. Sounds like you’re ruined for the ordinary. Perhaps you’re ready for the revolution?

    It’s also interesting that you call yourself a soldier of the son. Our organization has had massive prophetic visions about a coming army of radical young people devoted to purity and prayer. You should check it out.

  2. Good post Zach. Your points were very well illustrated.

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