Posted by: ZacharyThomas | April 15, 2009

Body ink

I asked the question on twitter yesterday what peoples opinions of tattoos are. I got a couple responses, both being very valid.

One of the reasons to not get one, as given by my buddy Kyle was:

@ZacharyThomas i am not against them, i just think they are dumb. when you’re 80 do you want a sagging blob of ink on you? i dont”

I agree that having a sagging blob of ink on my body when I’m 80 will be less than attractive, BUT if that sagging blob of ink reminds me of who I am in Christ, the man He has called and is calling me to be then I wouldn’t at all mind having a sagging blob of ink on me.

I want to get a tattoo. Not just any tattoo, but one that would mean something and remind me of who I am called to be.

This is what I’d want to get:


What you see is in both greek and english, I would get a tattoo in the greek. It is taken from the verse 2 Timothy 2:3

It is a personal choice whether or not to get a tattoo, If done for the proper reasons I believe a tattoo can bring glory to God, but also if done for the wrong reasons or in excess tattooes can be harmful. Just like alcohol, in of itself alcohol isn’t bad, but in excess or used improperly It can lead to sin.

That being said, I do want a tattoo and would greatly appreciate hearing your opinions on the subject. 🙂


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