Posted by: ZacharyThomas | April 23, 2009

Vehicular Repairation

Its been an interesting ride with all of my vehicle troubles but through it all the Grace of God has shown through time and time again and even His mercy on occasion. Recently I was at my local junkyard and as I was heading home I got backed into at stoplight, the truck was still drivable but the damage was more than the truck was worth. Little did the enemy know that his ploy to yet again put me out of a vehicle was going to fail and God was going to bless us with two vehicles…both need some TLC but are in really good shape.

One of the vehicles my mom bought is a 98 Volvo S70, the top motor mount bushing is shot…so tomorrow morning I will be cutting that sucker out and replacing it with a poly bushing. 🙂 Then if everything goes to plan I will be heading to my local junkyard(the same one as before) to pull a replacement engine out of a Toyota Paseo so that I can get my Tercel back on the road. Will be a long but interesting day, much will be learned and many pictures taken.


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