Posted by: ZacharyThomas | April 24, 2009

:Lord break me abase me make me face holiness

Tonight on Facebook my buddy Evan posted a status that cut straight to my heart. Not in a mean way, but in that it convicted me. He said: “This is a messed up world we’re living in”. That is the honest and raw truth about the state of this earth if i’ve ever heard it. As soon as I read that I thought: “I know and see everyday how messed up this world is, how badly it needs Jesus, But what am I doing about it?”

Jesus, make me like you.
teach me and show me how to be approachable.
teach me and show me how to respond in love when I am attacked with cutting words.
teach me and show me how to love like you.
help me to see people as you see them.
break me, cleanse me of myself and challenge me in my walk with You
take this hard heart and give me a heart for the lost.
may the cry of Your heart be my heart’s cry.
Father, take me to the foot of the cross, take me into the very place where your Glory dwells.


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