Posted by: ZacharyThomas | April 30, 2009


I’m not even sure how I stumbled across this song, and I’m sure I’ve heard it before. Regardless, what matters is that right here and now this song is helping me to have conversation with God like John Mark McMillan talked about over at his blog a few days ago(click his name, its a link). It gets me excited about God and not only what He’s already done, but what He’s got planned for my future and those around me. Without further ado here is a LINK to the song.

I know I’m white, so much so that if I were to take my shirt off in the dark I quite possibly might glow. 😀
Honestly I don’t care what you think, I’ll roll through downtown Richmond with some good christian rap playing. This blog is primarily for me, to help me sort through my thoughts better and figure out this thing we call life, you just happen to be along for the ride. For now I’m off to get some sleep, Farewell.
May God hold you close, and keep you all the days of your life.

In the one who has found me,


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