Posted by: ZacharyThomas | December 31, 2009

the closing of ’09

2009 has definitely been an interesting year. I’ve graduated highschool. Totalled two cars in two different accidents where I wasn’t at fault in either one. Had an engine blow up on me, bought a Jeep. Dated and Broken up for the first time in 3 years. Had the biggest snowfall I’ve ever seen in Virginia and the 2nd biggest snowfall I’ve seen in my life. So much has changed in 2009 and I expect that 2010 will be much the same, If I can get everything sorted out I will be starting College in the 2nd week of January. Hopefully I can find a job and get EMS certified. 2010 is gonna be one heck of a ride. So here’s farewell to a good decade and looking forward to another. Stay safe tonight, don’t drink and drive but please make sure to have a good time.


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