Posted by: ZacharyThomas | April 17, 2009

1229 Conference!!!

Tomorrow night @7PM is the first night of the Revolution 1229 Conference. It is going to be amazing, already God is doing some amazing things. Prayer this week has been amazing, and the computers have not been cooperating(you know you’re doing something right when the enemy is doing everything he can to stop you). I’ll try to do a quick post with some pictures tomorrow night when I finally get to wherever I’m spending the night…its going to be a busy weekend, but SO WORTH IT!

If you’re in the Richmond area and want to come,  here is the link to the website:

Posted by: ZacharyThomas | April 15, 2009

Body ink

I asked the question on twitter yesterday what peoples opinions of tattoos are. I got a couple responses, both being very valid.

One of the reasons to not get one, as given by my buddy Kyle was:

@ZacharyThomas i am not against them, i just think they are dumb. when you’re 80 do you want a sagging blob of ink on you? i dont”

I agree that having a sagging blob of ink on my body when I’m 80 will be less than attractive, BUT if that sagging blob of ink reminds me of who I am in Christ, the man He has called and is calling me to be then I wouldn’t at all mind having a sagging blob of ink on me.

I want to get a tattoo. Not just any tattoo, but one that would mean something and remind me of who I am called to be.

This is what I’d want to get:


What you see is in both greek and english, I would get a tattoo in the greek. It is taken from the verse 2 Timothy 2:3

It is a personal choice whether or not to get a tattoo, If done for the proper reasons I believe a tattoo can bring glory to God, but also if done for the wrong reasons or in excess tattooes can be harmful. Just like alcohol, in of itself alcohol isn’t bad, but in excess or used improperly It can lead to sin.

That being said, I do want a tattoo and would greatly appreciate hearing your opinions on the subject. 🙂

Posted by: ZacharyThomas | April 15, 2009

New theme

Got bored with my old theme, so I went hunting for and found this new one. Hurray for custom headers 🙂 The one I have is just a cropped version of a background I found on InterfaceLIFT by far some of the most gorgeous and amazing backgrounds I’ve been able to find on the net. Check ’em out

Posted by: ZacharyThomas | April 15, 2009

Wrecked for the Ordinary

So tonight, I was chatting on AIM with a friend. I was discussing how I’m doing some restructuring in my life, not believing the lies of Facebook. No longer will I try to be friends with everyone, instead I’ll focus on the relationships that truly matter. No more wasting hours upon hours on the internet, but instead I’m going to read more, learn to play guitar, work out, enjoy nature and life.

I don’t want to be a robot:

I want to be a world changer

I want to be a people lover

I want to be a difference maker

I want to take time to spend with those that society has forgotten about

I want to live my life not for myself but for others, obeying the will of the Father no matter what the cost.

I want to live life extravagantly, full out, wide-open. I want to take joy in the little things, no longer worrying about tomorrow for I have a heavenly Father who will care and watch out for me.

I’m tired of feeling like I’m wasting my life and not making a difference, I’m ready to impact my world for the cause of Christ

Posted by: ZacharyThomas | April 9, 2009

The disastor….

I’m a guy, but that is no excuse for how messy my room is. Its not like gross and smelling bad, its just got stuff all over the place. I want to make it clear that there is a difference between a gross and a messy room. Mine falls strongly into the second catagory, I need to clean it at some point, but here are the pictures to show how bad it is:

so learn from me and keep your room clean b/c now I have to go through the process of cleaning that mess up bit by bit and its not fun. When I get it clean I will put up pictures of what it should look like..

Posted by: ZacharyThomas | April 2, 2009

2 weeks can be a lifetime

Wow, its only been two weeks since I last posted. Soooo much has changed in that short period of time, my entire world has in essence been flipped upside down…

Here’s the run-down of the biggest change that has happened:

My original plan for the fall was to attend the local junior college, go there for 2 years and then transfer into VCU to get a 4 year degree. Going back about 3 years, I’d been seriously considering going into the marines for about two years, and then last year around this time I felt like it wasn’t what I was supposed to do, so I laid that down. I didn’t really think about going into the military at all for at least a year, and then I got one of those recruitment letters from the Marines. I began to think about my plan for the fall, why I was so stressed out about it and whether that was what I was supposed to do. I’ve been praying about it and realized I have no peace about going to college in the fall despite that being the logical choice for what to do. I then realized that I have a peace about if I were to enlist in the Navy and then become a Corpsman attachted to a battalion of Marines on the ground.

Thats all for now, but I will be writing a post going more in depth into why I feel like this is what I’m supposed to do and the implications It would have on my life. If you read my blog but never stop by to comment, I’d appreciate if you would stop by and just give me a holler or even tell me what you think about my blog and what I could do better.

Posted by: ZacharyThomas | March 19, 2009


I like this whole quickpress thing, its good for short quick posts such as this one. It gives posts a twitteresque vibe to them, about twitter well….Lets just say that twitter is part of the reason I haven’t been blogging lately. Twitter makes it so easy to integrate blogging into every aspect of your life that it can end up taking away from your actual blog. I’m going to try and change that sometime here soon and actually sit down once every 1-2 weeks and organize my thoughts and try to have some kind of consistency to my blogging =)

For now, farewell my blogging friends b/c its almost 4AM! o.O I need to get to sleep….

Posted by: ZacharyThomas | March 17, 2009


Its been longer than a while since I’ve posted on here…..sorry about that. I’d like to make it a goal to post at least once every two weeks, maybe even once a week on here. Challenging, its very much so pushing my boundaries and forcing me to step out of my comfort zone, I like it and its good for me so looks like i’ll be around here more often. =)

Posted by: ZacharyThomas | January 27, 2009

How valuable is your purity?

McDonald’s is bad for me, its bad for you, its not healthy for anyone. Tonight as I was driving home from Fuel Group I was having this really strong craving for McDonald’s, even though I know that it is horrible for my body and having coupons in the back of my car for that place didn’t help in the least. I wanted a Big Mac, a double cheeseburger, some fries, anything. Only thing was that It would cost me money to buy that food, money that I wasn’t willing to give up for some food that would taste so good but be gone in a few minutes and wouldn’t fill me up.

Sin seems to be the same way. I know its bad for me and ruins relationships and isn’t positive in anyway for anyone, yet still I find myself wanting to indulge in the things of the world, being tempted to give in to something that its bad for me. Sin can seem so appetizing, it offers you a good feeling, a momentary high that fades away. That momentary high can feel so good, but what do you have afterwards? If my purity is of no value to me, then giving in to temptation will be of no concern to me. However if my purity is of high value to me, I’m not going to just go out on a whim and sin and “spend” my purity per se.

….sorry for the scatterbrainedness, its late and i’ve got alot going on. Hopefully I got my point across.

Posted by: ZacharyThomas | January 21, 2009

Obama is President….YAY!!!!(insert sarcasm here)

Its been over a month since my last post -gasp- So here is a small little something for all of you who may or may not have been missing me.

I’m tired of all this political stuff, its just not my thing. To an extent I care who is in the white house, but beyond that I couldn’t care less. I’m not worried about who is in office because they aren’t in control, my God is in control.

Thats right, GOD is in control which means that the appointed officials are in office because HE orchestrated it to be so. My trust is in HIM and thus i’m not worried about who is in office

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